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  • Redd Walitzki

Redd Walitzki

"As a non-binary world traveler, I often feel like I exist in a strange liminal space when it comes to identity. I feel the most free and most myself while traveling far from the beaten path, in different cultures and new exciting places. But in most of these areas, there is no language yet for trans or non-binary people, so day and day out, I am seen and treated as a very brave “woman” traveling alone. Yet in the environments where I am recognized as non-binary, mostly liberal American/Western European cities, I feel less like myself than while wandering… its a strange conundrum!

Luckily there are those moments out under the stars, or at a rugged coastline, where gender ceases to exist, and there is just the freedom of being a human living on this beautiful planet.

I thought it would be nice today to shine a light on that part of my identity here, as we begin to celebrate this month, so maybe a few more of us find the strength and courage to be ourselves in whatever form feels most right.”

Redd is an artist, explorer, visual storyteller and motorcyclist.

Instagram : @explo.redd and @reddwalitzki

Text & Photo by Redd Walitzki


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