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  • Inke Gieghase

Inke Gieghase

"Hoeveel stiltes worden permanent als we het systeem waaraan we zijn gewend blijven zien als efficiënt in plaats van een dreigement?"

"I’m done with people turning into statistics. It’s way beyond 5 past 12. Awareness won’t cut it. Liberation and justice now.

People need to take accountability. We need people to speak up, to show up. And not just on one rainbow day a year. It has to be sustainable. LGBTQIA+ people are not the problem. LGBTQIA+phobia is. Fight this sh*t because our lives depend on it.

And we need to make this fight intersectional. I’m looking at both people from inside and outside the LGBTQIA+ community. The fight against LGBTQIA+phobia has to be anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-sexist, anti-fatphobic, anti-xenophobic, anti-ageist, anti-islamophobic, anti any form of discrimination. Intersectionality is the only way out of this mess."

Words by Inke Gieghase, spoken word artist, writer, educator and co-owner of @koevoet_gent

Instagram : @inkegieghase

Photo by Marijn Achten


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