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  • Biem D'hondt

Biem D'hondt

“I’ve never really felt at home in the queer community, emphasising traits that don’t belong to me. But I understand the great power that comes from naming and identifying things. You can only fight for that which is categorised, specified and magnified, you can’t fight for subtleties.

Yet I have a hard time with labels and 'models' of things, they feel untrue in their very core. In medieval times some believed that the dissociation of subject from object, of language from meaning, caused all the ills of the world. This constant fight, these ambiguities translate into paintings, dreamy landscapes with shadowy figures and sometimes our beautiful rainbow flag.

I've painted 'hic sunt dracones' in 2021 (image 2) when our gay rights came under attack: “sometimes, it is not about guarding something of value that is important, but rather, being a valuable guard, so that when that thing comes along that needs guarding, there is no question.” - Quote by James A.Owen

Words by painter and political scientist Biem D'hondt

Instagram : @biemdhondt

Photo by Marijn Achten taken at @designmuseumgent


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