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  • Biem D'hondt

Erik Vanberghen

"A friend once called me jokingly 'Hippie Smurf' and I took offence back then, but nowadays I embrace it wholeheartedly."

This is Erik who is the moving spirit of the lgbtqia+ parties of @allthelovers2000 and @secretloverantwerp

The first time we met, he did the production management for @blonde_hairandmakeup and showed us around 14583 m² in 4.5 seconds, wearing a t-shirt that said 'hyperboy'. Erik doesn't live within a fixed framework and talks about how his life, work, love and parties are like building a puzzle, not knowing if it will fit and come together at the end of the day, but somehow it always does. I feel a strong connective force, a 'we come one' vibe emanating from him.

"We’re always so able to project love and light into darkness, even though we have been suppressed since forever. Being queer means Freedom to be me and to express myself, unapologetically. To be able to be loved, and to love others equally. I don’t like how discrimination separates us into boxes. We all come from a mother, we all have blood and water in our bodies and we all love. Rather than focusing on our differences I want to focus on what connects us, and that is 'being human'. We should keep working on loving ourselves, flaws and all, and then project that inner love onto others."

I wondered if he started @allthelovers2000 because of his 'Hippie Smurf, let’s come together' attitude, while 'God is a DJ, this is my church, this is where I heal my hurts' plays over and over in my mind.

Instagram : @poprules83

Text by Biem D'hondt

photo by Marijn Achten


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