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  • Biem D'hondt

Eliana Erebara

Eliana Erebara talks about how it feels, climbing the summit and, then, the more difficult task

of climbing the summit within.

‘My family lives in Albania and in Eastern Europe you still notice the conservative religious thought processes. Let's say that some aren't too happy with me being queer and still see it as a disease. Luckily I’ve found support in my niece and friends, for which I feel very grateful; to have them in my life and it also strengthens me to pursue my joy and make me feel proud of who I am. At this point, I don't care that much anymore what people think of me. Nothing like a hailstorm to clear the sky.’

Speaking of her family, or rather, not speaking, shows her endurance and persistence climbing this particular mountain. Even though some things are of the past, done yesterday, many tinges of sadness remain. We do take delight in overcoming obstacles yet the passage is difficult. Krista Tippett wrote it down so eloquently:

“Anger is often what pain looks like when it shows itself in public.”

‘In my current study, Musical, I got to know a very diverse group of people. They make me free to think beyond the heteronormative blueprint because there is no judgment there. And it goes beyond mere sexuality, this freedom, somehow it seeps through every pore because if you feel more free to explore, you also become more curious and tolerant in every other aspect of your life.’

‘We still experience a lot of homophobia, even in these times. It goes from weird comments, like 'oh can I watch’ or ‘it's just a phase', to even physically hurting people. But I do feel that respect and acceptation are growing, which I focus on. I try to surround myself with the right people, people that lift me up and make me feel proud to be queer.’

Eliana Erebara is a student, model and actor.

Instagram : @eliana_erebara

Text : Biem D'hondt

Photo : Marijn Achten


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