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On June 4, 2023, Marijn Achten was invited by Shalini Van Dooren and Vinit Agarwal in Oralities to speak about Cavalier Queer in Jaipur, India. Because of the brilliant audience and loving space we talked for 1.5 hours. Thank you to everyone there. 

Here is a little excerpt on YouTube where moderator Shalini Van Dooren asks how to normalize queerness to get more acceptance and who my role models are because there were non who looked like us when we grew up. 

"...Our world, and certainly the online world offers a lot of disinformation. Disinformation is knowing that you’re spreading misinformation, which now happens to trans people, like the dehumanizing of drag queens. So it’s important to show the queer community as we actually are, deeply ordinary and wonderful, like everyone else, with the same concerns like what am I going to eat for lunch. 

Representation offers validation and a place of belonging. Connection does keep us alive but to see yourself represented as a queer person is hard, sometimes punishable by law in less queer friendly countries. 

To find representation becomes even harder when you don’t fit into the gender binary. When you don’t like to be classified into these extreme roles which come with a set of rules. Male and female. It’s also uncanny that we are with 7.8 billion people on earth but we only have 2 categories. That feels crazy to me. 

1.7 procent of the world’s population are intersex, which makes it about 136 million people who can’t be categorized as male or female. That’s also why we use the term LGBTQIA+..."    

- Marijn Achten 

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